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A Message from Freedom Aces

Hi everyone,

This is, a pro freedom site operating out of British Columbia, Canada.

I currently run this site part time on my days off and after work. I’ve decided to not run any ads on the website to keep the site looking clean. For that reason I rely solely on viewer donations.

I want to cover in detail the plan the globalists have for Canada, America, Briton, and the entire world. There are many documents and reports I want to go over in detail, but currently I don’t have the time or resources to do that.

I want to go over depopulation documents like NSSM 200, and Limits to Growth, and detail the globalist plan for population reduction and reducing economic growth along with the smaller population.

WEF documents like Advancing Digital Agency, a technocratic nightmare the WEF has planned for us.

Agenda 21 and 2030, how to globalist plan on having complete records of all genetic material on planet earth.

John Rawlings Reese, Edward Bernays, and other members of the Tavistock Institute that invented mass brainwashing that we see today in universities and in the news.

If this is the content you would like to see in detail, please click the donate button and support the site by donating.

There are many more topics that need to be covered. The Franklin Scandal, The Finders, Epstein’s Island, Institutional Grooming in the UK, the US child trafficking border crisis, and other pedocracy related incidences.

Technocracy and Transhumanism, how the globalists plan on having a new post human future and to make “gods” out of themselves using AI and brain cloud interface technology.

Ideally I would like to start a show that does a breakdown of events that happened during the day, and breakdowns of globalist documents. There are many right wing channels out there, but very few actually cover what the globalist plan actually is, or go over globalism documents. Depopulation and demographic replacement is happening right now, social credit is being rolled out through the banking system, and wars are being started all of the world.

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